Meat Products & Prices

New York State Elk Meat Price Sheet

Pasture Raised --- Heart Healthy Red Meat

* Butcher processed under article 5A of New York State Ag. And Mkts.

Whole Tenderloin or Sliced Filet Mignon$27.00 / lb.
Delmonico Steak (Rib eye)$22.00 / lb.
Sirloin Steak (boneless or bone in)$18.50 / lb.
Flank Steak$17.50 / lb.
Bottom Round and Sirloin Roast$18.50 / lb.
Elk Kielbasi$11.50 / lb.
Stew / Spiedie Meat$10.50 / lb.
Elk burger (3 patties per pkg. - 1/3 pound patties)$10.50 / lb.
Elk Sticks with Jalapeño Cheese - 4 sticks per pkg.$6.50 / pkg.
Elk Sticks Regular - 4 sticks per pkg.$6.50 / pkg.
Elk Hot Italian Sausage$11.50 / lb.
Byrne Farm 100% Pure Elk Velvet Antler Capsules 500 MG (60 count)$45.00 / btl.

All offerings are 100% elk, no fillers added.


  • Elk Meat is Naturally low in Fat and Cholesterol, High in Protein
  • Doctor recommended for people with high Cholesterol
  • Whole Herd Veterinarian inspected for herd health
  • Whole Herd inspected TB, CWD

Please call (607) 657-8069 or (607) 423-3479 for availability of cuts.
If specific item not available we will substitute with equal priced item.

We are a distributor of the Byrne Farm Velvet Antler Capsules

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